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Φόρμα επικοινωνίας

Console- High quality, sweat resistant plastic case with acrylic glass surface, LCD screen center selection dial and 2 side.

Display- Heart rate measurement with palm or chest area sensors (optional), time, speed, distance, revolutions per minute, heart rate, calories. Connect to applications via bluetooth (eg KettMaps).

AUTO mode: The user sets the target value of WATTs to up to 400 WATTs.

MANU mode (dependent on rotations): The user selects the resistance level, which remains constant regardless of the frequency of rotations


Flywheel system-18 kg

Distance between treads / stride length / height of ellipsis in mm-Gear ratio-

Gear ratio-50 cm

Brake system- Ergometric. Resistor system: inductive, 25 - 400 watts in AUTO mode, every 5 watts.


Max. weight load-130 kg

Dimensions when set up L / W / H in cm- 185 x 68 x 164 cm

Other description-